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“Remember Your Creator” magazine is your magazine as it is the magazine of everyone who reads the Arabic language. Its purpose is to help its readers to look after their spiritual well-being as well as secure their eternal destiny according to the teaching of God’s word in the Bible. The magazine is non-denominational so no matter what your denomination, it is still your magazine and we, the publishers of it, are dedicated to helping you face life’s challenges according to the light of God’s word. All you have to do is contact us in the way most convenient to you.

We would also like you to know dear reader that this magazine is distributed free of charge and relies solely on the contributions of people who share our concern for the salvation and spiritual well-being of people around the world and is not associated with nor funded by any other organization. In fact the organization Grace and Truth Association is nothing more than an non-profit organization created solely to allow the publication and distribution of “Remember Your Creator” in a non-profit manner in order to allow it to receive tax-exempt contributions. So, if you have a desire to share in the expenses of this magazine, any contributions you make will be fully tax-deductible and we will promply send you a receipt for your tax records. Contributions can be sent to the following address:

Grace and Truth Association
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